Music has always been a significant part of Robin’s life. It wafted through her childhood home on the radio, her mother played the organ and sang in the choir, and her father took her to concerts ranging from Harry Belafonte to The Barber of Seville. As a teenager she attempted the guitar, loving especially Bossa Nova, but distracted by the mystery of life she left it behind.

Robin and Cody met in Santa Cruz, California, and began a magical journey as lovers and creative partners in life, working side by side on concert and event production. Today, she is the executive producer of the online radio station Café Cody.

Robin is also a teacher and practitioner of the shamanic arts, a healer with over 25 years professional experience.

Co-founder of the influential Great Mystery initiative, she’s been engaged in bridging science and mystical phenomena by bringing together some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in events across the globe since 1992.

From her home on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Robin manages trainings in the energy healing method amazinGRACE and continues to create and participate in events that uplift and inspire, also sharing her gifts of sound meditation.

Robin is the host and creator of the new podcast Backstage with Café Cody, interviewing musicians, DJs and other music aficionados, and Great Mystery’s new podcast Dreaming the Future. Recently, she’s taken up conga lessons.